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Charming Life Designs is all about Beauty. The beauty we find all around is in the mundane this to the special occasions that we all look forward to in life. We Design the Life we want and we choose where to put our attention and focus. When you think about it, it is ”we”/”us” each individual that creates their own beauty in this world based on their unique perspective. Same can be said for all the Ugly and Negative stuff that we bring into our world either intentionally or unintentionally.

If you focus on nothing but the negative, you will soon paint a picture of the world that is also negative. Everything becomes tainted by this negative perspective from our day to day routine, to the home we live in, to our family life, to our work, to the people we interact with but if we choose however to see things in a positive light and we purposely seek out Beauty Big and small, significant or seemingly insignificant by society’s standards then the sun appears to shine just a little bit brighter, people seem to be friendlier, work seems to me more fulfilling, your family seems to get along that much better, you feel much happier and healthier and ultimately the world appears to be a much more┬áBeautiful place.

So I challenge you to try it if only for a week. Try having a more positive outlook on life. Start a gratitude journal and you too will be able to construct a most Charming Life Designs. ┬áPlease read my article titled ”Adding Beauty to Life” for more insight as to what this Blog is all about.

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