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Charming life designs is a blog that is all about bringing beauty to the world. Everywhere I turn I see so much beauty and I wish to share this with you. From things I see in my every day to things I remember from my childhood. Even things places and events that friends, family members, and acquaintances tell me may inspire me to write. In other cases, these may just be things that I imagine. Daydreams I may have as I look out to the sun. Early morning as the sun rises or late evening as I sit on my balcony watching the sun give its final hoorah for the day as it paints the sky in colours that just take my breath away. Reds, and oranges. Sometimes even fuschia! Hitting the clouds and reflecting a prism of the most warm and beautiful light.

But this is just an overview to my blog. I’ll get into the many things that make me tick and fuel me with energy and a deep appreciation for life in my upcoming posts.

Life is beautiful and I will paint you a vivid picture of this via this here, my new blog Charming life designs. Welcome!

And please do feel free to reach out to me if you feel inspired to do so and leave Comments so that everyone can get your perspective on things. I may be the author but everyone’s input is what makes this that much more – Beautiful!


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