Cat nap

Cat nap

There is nothing quite like taking and afternoon nap. Getting away from it all for 20 minutes – half an hour, finding a nice place to lay your head and zone out for a bit. If its the weekend, I like to find the sunniest place in the house which is often times my couch. I find a nice spot to snuggle up and get some vitamin D while I dose off. I have no idea why I enjoy sleeping in the sun so much but I prefer it to closing the curtains and sleeping in darkness. Even at night, I prefer to keep the curtains drawn. I guess it’s because I somehow feel connected to my surroundings or something.

When I’m at work, I like to get away from everyone on my lunch break, get into my car, drive to a secluded area, open up the windows and sometimes all 4 doors if it’s a particularly hot day, recline my seat, put my feet up and pass out. If I have enough time, I take a quick drive down by the waterfront and watch the current drag the current along the river. It’s hypnotic. Meditative. That also usually helps me drift off as I ponder on life and enjoy watching the birds as they fly by and wade in the water.

If it’s cold out, I sneak off somewhere in the building where I know my boss or anyone else for that matter, will find me and I sleep. I don’t know why we demonize sleep so much in North America. I tink I need to move over to some Latin country or something so that I can take advantage of their afternoon siestas. I’d fit right in.

So, like my cat naps that are short and sweet, I’m going to make this one short and sweet. Thank you for reading the many ways I choose to make my life just a little more charming day by day. I encourage you to do the same.

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