Diwali - Festival of Lights


Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights. It is one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring things one can experience in this lifetime. I remember the first¬†time I saw this festival taking place. I was a child. No older than 4 or 5. My dad took me into a local cemetery where the people were lighting candles and lamps. You’d think that it would be creepy being in a cemetery in the middle of the night but No, not at all. It was quite peaceful and beautiful. I’ve only had the chance to experience this festival once and it has stuck with me ever since. I guess that’s why I enjoy Christmas so much now but the lights put out for Christmas pale in comparison to the flickering light show put on during Diwali. So, just what is Diwali anyway?

Diwali is a very significant festival in the Hindu faith. Dare I say it is THE MOST IMPORTANT festivals of them all. This festival symbolizes the triumph of all things good and righteous vs evil, hence the lighting of lamps and candles of all sorts. By lighting the city up, practitioners are able to drive the meaning of this message home. It shows that in the darkness, the light always wins and what a beautiful way to display this. There is absolutely nothing like it. People place these tokens everywhere. On doorsteps, windows, cemeteries (as mentioned before), Holy places of worship.

This festival is celebrated mid to late October to early to mid-November depending on the year it falls on. This year for example, it will be taking place Saturday, October 29th whereas in 2017, it’ll be Wednesday, October the 18th and the year after that Monday, November the 5th. The festivities usually last about 5 days total. The main event however, takes place on the night of the new moon when the sky is in its darkest state. Makes sense given the nature and the ancient significance of this practice. This is preceded by a series of rituals leading up to the big moment; the lighting. These rituals include, like with Christmas, congregating with close friends and family, gift exchanges and a series of prayers to their Goddess of Prosperity and Fertility. And what festivities isn’t complete with some fireworks. This is a perfect way to put on a light show.


Google search ”diwali”¬†images and marvel in all the beautiful photos you see and tell me if you would enjoy being a part of that.


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