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Summer has past and Fall is not only in the air but is here. I must admit, I’m not a Huge fan of Fall. If I had to choose between it and Winter, I’d pick Winter. Why?

Because at least in the winter, you have the scenic view of fresh snow. And I emphasize – Fresh snow. Anything other is just slush, ice, and nastiness. And with the Winter cold, although it can lead to frostbite, is more of a surface cold.

Fall, on the other hand, is no joke. The Fall kinda cold seeps into your bones. It makes your joints ache and your bones crack. And I have noticed as of last year a new kind of pain. My Achilles tendons hurt like a mother. OMGosh! They lock up and it is very difficult to fully extend my step when this happens.

But Fall isn’t all bad. I do enjoy the changing of the leaves. Not the fact that they fall. Every time it’s near the end of Summer and leaves have made their way to the ground I kinda get pissed off thinking ‘’Ahhhh! Here we go again’’ but when the leaves finally start changing colour, that’s when I start to appreciate the season. My favourite of the colours is a nice bright orange and a fiery red. It’s almost like a modern day ‘’burning bush’’. It just makes the landscape come to life in what can sometimes seem to be a very depressing period. That period being from warmer & longer days in the sun to chilly & shorter days in the rain.

On the topic of rain, it has been really rainy of late. I don’t mind the rain so much. As you all may know from my first blog post (I believe it was), I love stormy weather but what I can’t stand are gloomy days. I prefer a big downpour but even a mild rain is better that a gloomy rainless day or such little rain it’s almost like what’s the point.

When it is rainy, I get really mellow and pensive. I slow down and start the think about my life what I’ve done and where I’m headed. It’s like a form a meditation for me. Kinda like Eckart Tole (hope I didn’t butcher his name) when he talks about mindful meditation in his book the ‘’Power of Now’’. In this book, he talks about allowing your brain to wander all while simply observing your surroundings and allowing yourself to think what you think with no judgment.

I find it to be very therapeutic and actually reminds me of my childhood come to think of it. Can’t remember if I mentioned it in my above mentioned Post and I’m too much on a roll here to go back and check, but when I was a child I would just stare out into the distance and let my mind explore all sorts of things about life in general, where did we come from, what I was going to be when I grew up and so forth. It was a great exercise for me at the time and helped me develop the level of creativity I have today and the appreciation I have for the little things.

Now, every time I see raindrops, it’s almost like nature’s hypnotic pendulum and the beating of the rain against my window and the outer metallic part of my air condition unit is like nature’s soundtrack; a soothing mantra that I can listen to all day.

Oh, one other thing I enjoy about the rain is seeing each drop fall into a body of water. It’s like a visual of the sounds it would make if each drop was audible to the human ear. I wonder what it must sound like to a dog, or a bat, or some other animal with a heightened sense of hearing. It’s either a very beautiful thing I’d imagine or highly annoying. Either way, I’m intrigued.

So in closing, Fall isn’t my favourite time of the year but I do enjoy the changing colour of the leaves and full on rainy days.

I promise to write about Winter when the time comes so that you guys get a full scope on my likes and dislikes and maybe it’ll inspire you to also look on the brighter side of things. I most definitely makes like run a little more smoothly in my experience.

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