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Life isn’t all about work. Sometimes we need to splurge a little on ourselves and enjoy the finer things in life. That’s just what I did recently when I decided to rent out a Loft for the long weekend. This place was beautiful and immaculate. The owner told me it was cleaned by a local Montreal cleaning company that they just recently started using. 

What stood out was the fragrant smell when we first walked in. Mmmm! Anyway, so as I was saying, the place was not only well put away put it was beautifully decorated as well. The owner had a natural eye for  design so the finishings were on point and with nice extremely high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, interior brick wall, recessed lighting,straight clean lines throughout, a bathroom decked out like a high-end luxury hotel, a chef’s kitchen, loft bedroom and a killer movie room. I seriously did not want to leave this place. We also had a breathtaking view of the city skyline.


My friend and I would go up to the rooftop terrace. Oh, did I mention the rooftop terrace? Well let me tell you, this was a sight to behold. So we would go up there, watch the sunset and then just take in the city views. The skyline is beautiful all day but by night, it is truly unmatched in my opinion.

We’d have the most restful sleep in the plush King size beds they had that were built for Royalty. They were canopy beds that reached for the, from my estimation, 15ft ceilings. I felt like I was in some type of fairy tale.

The next morning, we made ourselves a nice big breakfast. The kitchen came full of all sorts of goodies. We had to pay a premium for that but it was well worth it. That kitchen was stocked! I had a Nutella pancake with strawberries and a banana smoothy. My friend Cindy had two eggs sunny side up, sausages, scones with cream and an espresso (real fancy I’m telling you)! This is how living is meant to be. Our lunch and supper were equally mouthwatering and savoury. Yours truly know’s her way around the kitchen so of course with the proper ingredients I was able to create masterpieces.

We honestly did not leave the compounds of this loft all weekend. I mean, why would we. This place was To Die For. I kept fantasizing about ways I could one day own a house like this. I already have ideas on how I would go about decorating it.

This was indeed another successful Charming Life Design on my part! Money well spent. I will definitely be doing something like this sometime soon again! One of the best times of my life hands down.

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