Thunder and Lightning Storm

Stormy weather

Unlike most people, I Love it when it rains. Not only rain but storms. Wind, Rain, Thunder and Lightning. It’s like God is putting on a show for us. It’s fun and exciting!

I remember being a kid, alone to my own devices and bored out of my head. It’d be overcast and I’d be just as gloomy as the weather. Then I’d hear it! A rumble in the sky. Although back then, I actually did think it came from the sky. Don’t laugh, but… Promise not to laugh? If I see even the slightest chuckle I’m not telling you.

Okay. I thought Thunder came from the ground. I guess it’s because I could feel the earth vibrating below my feet. I would put my ear to the ground and with every thunderous clash, would hear the vibrations rise up through the floor and into the cavity of my ear. I would imagine HUGE boulders rolling along these underground tracks, and just like in bowling, one boulder would hit another and the second would take off in kind. This would go on as long as the thunderstorm persist. It made sense. After all, it was the only logical explanation.

I would look out and see an ominous looking rain cloud off into the distance quickly approaching in the most threatening way. My heart would start to race. It was a mixture of fear and excited anticipation of what would come next. A crackle, followed by a loud POP! And No. I’m not talking about Rice Krispies. And then… the rain. Glorious rain coming down sideways. We’d all rush to close the windows. Once we had secured the house, I’d just sit there and admire the show. I’d take it all in! The sound of the rain against the windows, the pings up on the roof. To this day, I’ll just sit in my car on my lunch break, park somewhere, turn off the engine, close my eyes and just listen. It is THE most therapeutic thing EVER. It is the ultimate meditative state I’ve found to be in. It is PEACE!

I see people running around. Trying to outrun the rain, take shelter and just wait it out. I think that’s a waste of a perfectly, well orchestrated divine work of art. I’ve been known to just go take a walk in the rain. The harder it falls, the better it is. I don’t care much for wimpy rain. I say, if the sky is going to open up and release its blessings, it might as well do it full throttle.

Yup! So the next time there is a downpour and everyone’s being a sourpuss about it, know that I’m somewhere in my car or near a window like a plant solar tracking, I’ll be tilting in the direction of the storm.

Can’t wait for the next Big one. We are looooong overdue.


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